Sarah Olson, Science Writer

Sarah Olson is an undergraduate student at Oregon State University majoring in microbiology with a certificate in science writing. She currently works full-time at an independent bookstore curating their science and math sections and managing their social media. She has been a travel fellow with both the National Association of Science Writers (2018) and the New York Academy of Sciences (2017). She holds awards from the academy and the California Internship and Work Experience Association for her work promoting inclusiveness in STEM. She has previously interned as a science communicator for Purdue University News Service and hopes to work as a science writer for a research institution for her future career. Sarah also writes about feminism and religion, and is a top writer in feminism on Medium.

The Read More Science logo was imagined and illustrated by Alex Boersma, a scientific illustrator. You can see more of her work at and @aboersmaillustration.