Sarah Olson, science writer

I am a science writer and communicator. Several years ago, I started community college as an English major with a fascination for the natural world. When a biology class introduced me to the field of science writing and communication, I found a way to fuse my passion for books and writing with my interest in the sciences. After I started reading and reviewing popular science books, I realized I wanted to experience science and research for myself, so I transferred from community college to Oregon State University to study microbiology.

Before attending university, I worked full-time at an independent bookstore curating their science, nature, and math sections and managing their social media. Working at a bookstore helped me learn about the publishing and book-selling industries while I simultaneously worked with authors and publicists for my own website reviewing science books. I hope to write popular science books of my own in the future, but in the meantime, I’ll be reading and reviewing them here at Read More Science and writing about my journey into science.

I have been a travel fellow with both the National Association of Science Writers (2018) and the New York Academy of Sciences (2017). I hold awards from the NYAS and the California Internship and Work Experience Association for my work promoting inclusiveness in STEM. I previously interned as a science writer for Purdue University News Service, and I hope to work as a science communicator for a research institution after college. You can read more about my background the other kinds of writing I do on my personal website, I live in Oregon with my fiancé, a hamster, and an apartment full of books.

The beautiful Read More Science logo was imagined and illustrated by Alex Boersma, a scientific illustrator. You can learn more about her work at and @aboersmaillustration.