Sarah Olson, science writer

Illustration by artist Ethan Kocak (@BlackMudPuppy)

Several years ago, I started community college as an English major with a fascination for the natural world. When an earth sciences class introduced me to the field of science writing and communication, I found a way to fuse my passion for books and writing with my interest in the sciences. After I started reading and reviewing popular science books, I realized I wanted to experience science and research for myself. I transferred from community college to Oregon State University to study microbiology, and I’m currently working on my undergraduate degree.

As a working student, school has been a long road for me. Before attending university, I worked full-time at an independent bookstore curating their science, nature, and math sections and managing their social media. Working at a bookstore helped me learn about the publishing and book-selling industries while I simultaneously worked with authors and publicists for my own website reviewing science books. I hope to write popular science books of my own in the future, but in the meantime, I’m happy to be a reader and reviewer.

In addition to my studies, I’ve been a travel fellow with both the National Association of Science Writers (2018) and the New York Academy of Sciences (2017). In 2018, I was awarded a scholarship through the California Internship and Work Experience Association for my work promoting inclusiveness in STEM. I previously interned as a science writer for Purdue University News Service, and I hope to work as a science communicator for a research institution in the future. You can read more about my background the other kinds of writing I do on my personal website, I live in Oregon with my fiancĂ©, a hamster, and an apartment full of books.

The beautiful Read More Science logo was imagined and illustrated by Alex Boersma, a scientific illustrator. You can learn more about her work at and @aboersmaillustration.