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What does it mean to be science literate? Having an understanding of basic scientific concepts and processes in order to make more informed decisions as a voter, consumer, and citizen. According to the National Science Education Standards, “Scientific literacy also implies the capacity to pose and evaluate arguments based on evidence and to apply conclusions from such arguments appropriately.” Unfortunately, science literacy in America today is not widely emphasized. Recent polls by Pew Research Center indicate a disparity in Americans’ understanding and knowledge of true, scientific facts. This means that Americans are making uninformed, and potentially misinformed, decisions as voters, consumers, and citizens. Read More Science aims to help with that.

The Mission

The Read More Science mission is twofold: to help make science literacy more accessible through reading popular science books while advocating for diversity in science nonfiction. The first part of the Read More Science mission is oriented toward helping more people read books about science, encouraging non-experts to learn about science by reading books. Popular science is a genre of books written by experts, for everyone. Reading these books is an affordable and accessible way for anyone to learn science literacy. The second part of the mission is about diversity in popular science. Most readers can only name a few male, and likely white, authors. While we may love those writers too, Read More Science aims to highlight and uplift popular science books written by new and lesser known science authors who identify with marginalized communities.

By uplifting science books by minority writers and encouraging more people to read science nonfiction, Read More Science intends to spread science literacy while advocating by example that science truly is for everyone.

If you would like to support the Read More Science mission or are interested in writing a book review or blog post, you are encouraged to reach out to Sarah Olson through the Contact page.

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