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Welcome to Read More Science, your hub for book reviews, author interviews, scientist Q&A’s, and more brought to you by student science writer Sarah Olson. My mission is to spread science literacy by encouraging people to read more books about the sciences. I also want to help people find a new enthusiasm for reading if they love science, or a new enthusiasm for science if they love reading.

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Highlighting Diversity in Science

One of my goals is to connect readers with books by diverse authors – because representation in science and literature matters. In addition to reviewing new releases, I am making a conscious effort to include lesser-known books by women, people of color, the disabled, and LGBTQ+ in STEM. The next generation of readers need to have more science nonfiction written by authors from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Please note I only write positive reviews for Read More Science, and I don’t use a rating system, so every book you see featured on the blog is there because I am encouraging you to read it– and unless the review is written by a guest, I have read every featured book myself.

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Science Book Reviews

  1. Inventing Ourselves, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
  2. The Woman Who Knew Too Much, Gayle Green
  3. The Only Woman in the Room, Eileen Pollack
  4. The Food Explorer, Daniel Stone
  5. The Poison Squad, Deborah Blum
  6. Inferior, Angela Saini
  7. Spying on Whales, Nick Pyenson
  8. Gulp, Mary Roach
  9. Eye of the Shoal, Helen Scales
  10. She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, Carl Zimmer
  11. Shaped by Wind and Water, Ann H. Zwinger
  12. Sightings, Brenda Peterson and Linda Hogan
  13. What the Robin Knows, Jon Young
  14. The Genius of Birds, Jennifer Ackerman
  15. Stuff Matters, Mark Miodownik
  16. Storm in a Teacup, Helen Czerski
  17. A Fish Caught in Time, Samantha Wienberg
  18. The Dragon Behind the Glass, Emily Voigt