A Statement on Committing to Anti-Racism

Photo by Jay Mullings on Unsplash

From Sarah, editor and creator of Read More Science:

At the moment, there are Black Lives Matter protests happening in every single one of America’s fifty states. They were sparked by the recent and unjust murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. But they are also a response to the unceasing incidents of police brutality and racism in this country.

As a white person and a science communicator, it is my responsibility to use my platform to participate in amplifying the Black Lives Matter movement and actively work on becoming anti-racist. This week on Twitter, I am uplifting Black Birders Week, an event put together by Black birders and naturalists to highlight diversity and bring attention to inequality in the outdoors. In addition, I am using my science writing coursework to write a feature article on Black Birders Week. I have also compiled a list of anti-racism resources for fellow white women.

When I started Read More Science two years ago, it was always my goal to uplift underrepresented authors of pop science books through reviews and social media posts featuring their work. To date, I have reviewed books such as Angela Saini’s Superior, showcased books about Black women in space science, discussed the ramifications of Henrietta Lacks, and am currently working on a review of The Alchemy of Us by Ainissa Ramirez.

But this isn’t nearly enough. Moving forward, I intend amplify the work of Black authors and scientists. I invite – and will reach out to – Black scientists who are interested in writing reviews of pop science books for Read More Science, to help uplift their platforms. I also encourage aspiring Black authors and science writers to reach out to me directly at sciencebookreviews@gmail.com for free editing services and feedback on their work, support and advice, as well as assistance on the path to publication.

If you are white, I urge you to take action now. There is much work to be done if we are to truly change the system. We must be willing to do our part and make reparations however we can.


Sarah Olson Michel

Published by Sarah Olson Michel

Science writer, book reviewer, and cat enthusiast.

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