#SciArt and #Inktober: Week 3 Featured Art

Featured science art has been a part of the Read More Science Book Club monthly newsletter for a few months now, but for #Inktober, I’m bringing it to the blog to celebrate all the science-inspired art of October. Read More Science is proud to support the scientific artists and illustrators working hard every day this month to present beautiful #SciArt to the online community. Artwork is an important aspect of science communication! At the end of each week in October, I will post a round up of work that caught my eye for you to enjoy here on readmorescience.com.

You can help support these artists and their work by following them on Twitter, purchasing artwork (if they sell online), or simply by liking and retweeting their #Inktober work. Follow along with this Twitter list to stay up to date: https://twitter.com/IAmSciArt/lists/inktober2018sciartists. If you see any art you’d like to share or would like your own to be featured, tag me on Twitter or Instagram @ReadMoreScience.

We’re wrapping up Inktober now, and Halloween is just around the corner. Enjoy these little pieces of art – this week includes a frightening marsupial mole, stars and galaxies, bacteria, some anatomy, an impressive hawk, damselflies, an explanation of the stickiness of anemones, and…mud!


As always, thanks for stopping by the blog, and if you have a moment would you consider signing up for the Read More Science Book Club, my monthly newsletter? By subscribing, you’ll be automatically entered to win free science books in upcoming giveaways. This month’s giveaway includes beautifully illustrated botany bookmarks, as well as a copy of James T. Costa’s book Darwin’s Backyard.

Happy reading!


Published by Sarah Olson Michel

Science writer and professional bookworm. Wrangling horses and microbes in the Pacific Northwest. Aspiring old cat lady. Genderqueer (she/they).

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