3 Censored Science Books for Banned Books Week

Photo Source: Central Arkansas Library System

This week celebrates literary freedom, and it’s important to consider the science that has been censored by banning books. I wanted to include a few books on evolution that have been banned or challenged, so that you can #readmorescience during #bannedbooksweek. Evolution is a hugely controversial theory, and these books were banned from my own household while growing up. Without them, some children may not realize they love science, or have the chance to learn about our world. Censoring science harms education. Fight back by reading these classics on evolution! Better yet, go buy copies at your local bookstore to help bookstores keep them on shelves by making them in demand. Happy banned books week!

1. On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin’s classic book on evolution and natural selection was banned in 1895 for contradicting Christian beliefs.

2. Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story by Lisa Peters


This beautifully illustrated children’s book was challenged for promoting evolution, which again conflicts with Christianity’s belief in creationism.

3. In the Beginning by Isaac Asimov


This book was requested to be removed from my hometown of San Diego’s schools for challenging the Bible.

If you’re interested in exploring science censorship throughout history more in depth, here’s an excellent article about banned science and philosophy books. In the meantime, I will leave you with a quote by Isaac Asimov which is my own personal reading motto:

16667.jpg“Any book worth banning is a book worth reading.”


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