August Book Giveaway and other exciting announcements

Welcome to Read More Science. 

Six months ago, I sat down at my computer and opened up WordPress to write my first blog post. It was a book review, because I wanted to share my thoughts and encourage others to read more science books. For several months I worked off of that little blog, The Literature of Science, until I realized I wanted to do more with it: I wanted to give away books, I wanted to interview authors and scientists, and I wanted to start a monthly email newsletter. So I moved my content onto a new domain,, and created the Read More Science Book Club.

I believe science is for everyone. I also believe anyone can enjoy reading. These two ideas are the motivation making this website possible. I want people to have a place to go for great book recommendations, somewhere they can learn about which books authors and scientists read themselves, and even have a chance to win advance reader copies. That’s what I am aim to provide– because science should be accessible to everyone, and books help make that possible.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce the first book to be featured in a giveaway:

Spying on Whales
Courtesy of Penguin Publishing Group

Tune in tomorrow for an exclusive interview with author Nick Pyenson and an upcoming review of his book. Sign up anytime this month for the Read More Science Book Club monthly newsletter and be automatically entered to win in August’s book giveaway. On Friday, August 31st, I will announce the winner on the blog and contact them via email to claim their prize.

But because this is my first book giveaway, I couldn’t just stop at a brand new copy of Spying on Whales — you’ll also receive two stickers from Two Photon Art. These stickers are perfect bling for your computer or your favorite notebook, and an awesome way to show off your support for science.

If you’re excited about this month’s giveaway, stay tuned for next month’s. In my first newsletter at the end of this month, I will announce September’s book giveaway – this time, an advance reader copy of a book coming out later next month! Stick around for more book reviews, interviews, and other great content.

Happy reading,


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Science writer, book reviewer, and cat enthusiast.

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